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I have been very fortunate to have Dr. Olmstead's help with several difficult dental problems. His knowledge of cutting-edge dental technologies and his ability to apply them in a cost effective way, was vital for my treatment. Perhaps more importantly, his understanding of bio-compatible dentistry and how critical proper dental care is to the overall health of the body literally transformed my health. He is the only dentist I trust.
- R.O. San Diego, California

"Your dental work and advice was superb always. You planned and carried out a very successful and complex removal of the mercury amalgam in my teeth without discomfort to me, and with long lasting benefits. The continuing dental care and advice I received from you was of the highest quality, and I would unconditionally recommend you to anyone requiring clarification and direction for their dental conditions”
- P.M. New Zealand

"Dr. Olmstead was my personal dentist, and completed a full mouth restoration that no other dentist could have accomplished. He has helped my family members and friends with second opinions, through his phone consultations - saving them thousands of dollars with his incisive expert advice. Having practiced high end dentistry for 40 years, Dr. O is able to help anyone with all their dental concerns, guiding them and their dentist to the best most cost-effective long term solution. Having Dr. O give you his advice and second opinion is invaluable: he is super competent, kind and your ally. He has nothing to gain except to help you and your dentist with the best plan of action. In this world where its hard to know who and what to trust, it’s important that you always get that second opinion before you invest in a car, or a mechanic, or something much more important - your teeth."
- S.K. Alaska

"I recently underwent a complete upper dental implant process, and since I had many questions, I often discussed the process with Dr. Olmstead. Although he was not my doctor at that time, he was always willing to offer his professional advice and expertise as a courtesy and answer all of my questions relative to the process, the necessary procedures, and the aesthetics of the resulting bridge. His explanations were easy to understand, and he was an invaluable resource. If at a future time I have additional work done, I would tap Dr. Olmstead’s patience, knowledge, and professionalism without hesitation!”
- K. A. Hawaii

"Dr. Olmstead, your advice for dental issues is invaluable. You have not only helped me, but I referred a friend to you, and they were very grateful for your detailed suggestions. I would encourage anyone with questions about their dental health to speak with you!”
- M.F. Hawaii

“My dental concerns were complex, with many, confusing options for treatment; I had trouble understanding the path to take. In our consultations, Dr. Olmstead sorted things out so easily and clearly that I soon felt certain about a plan that was right for me. He has helped me locate qualified dentists, and spoke with them directly concerning the treatment plan for my case.”
- L.C. New York

"Dr. Olmstead is not just any ordinary dentist. He possesses a level of caring, knowledge, kindness and professionalism that is second to none. His advice for a dental issue that I had was very helpful. I continue to refer people to Dr. Olmstead and believe that quality, caring dentistry is what sets him apart from others."
- E.P. Hawaii

"There are so many questions that one can face regarding their dental care. Over the years, I have found that Dr. Olmstead is someone I can completely trust to tell me the truth and give me a holistic "Big Picture" about my situation. His excellent and caring advice is not based on how much money he will make off of me, but, it is based on what is the very best for me. In this day and age, Dr. Olmstead is a breath of fresh air!"
-C.A. Fairfield, Iowa