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Dental Quick Tips

1) If you rinse your mouth with plain water 3-5 minutes after eating or drinking anything, you will significantly reduce your dental plaque build up and your risk of tooth decay, mouth odor and gum disease. This is especially useful when you can't immediately brush. Simply swallow after rinsing; you do not have to find a sink.

2) Make sure you buy natural, non fluoride toothpaste for your children. Studies show that children swallow about 60% of the toothpaste they use. This is from either eating it or from not rinsing well.

3) Wash your hands before you do your dental home care.

4) Buy separate tubes of toothpaste for each family member. You will use the same amount, but will not spread germs from each toothbrush touching the same tube opening and contaminating it.

5) Replace your toothbrush every 2-3 months, and purchase the softest bristle brush you can find. This will protect the gum tissue and cleanse the plaque from the teeth more effectively, not causing toothbrush abrasion.

6) Clean the head of your toothbrush at least one time a week by soaking in 3% hydrogen peroxide for 20 mins.

7) Scrape your tongue before flossing and brushing daily.

8) Learn to cook and sweeten food with Xylitol and Erythritol. These are natural sweeteners that will actually kill decay causing bacteria!

9) Let your children see you brushing your teeth. Children learn and mimic, so why not let them copy cat you and build a good habit early by making it fun.

10) Realize that you cannot have good overall health unless your teeth and gum tissue are healthy. Read the articles section for more information.

11) Start your children off with a good introduction to the dentist. Read them a book with a title something like "Sally or Billy's First Visit to the Dentist". Do not let your young children over hear your fears of going to the dentist. This will only program them to have an unnecessary, difficult start.


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