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AyurVeda Quick Tips

1) To reduce pain, cravings and possibly weight

If you have any pain – arthritic, headache, etc.
Or if you have cravings – for specific foods, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

Fill a thermos with boiling hot water. You can add a squeeze of fresh lemon and a little slice of fresh ginger also if you wish. Every half hour throughout the day, sip some of this hot water – maybe 2-4 oz. each time.

This is the principle:
Toxic sludge called "ama" is at the basis of most joint pains, and also promotes unhealthy cravings. By drinking this hot water steadily through the day, it starts dissolving this "ama". Try this for three days in a row and see if you feel different.

So sip hot water throughout the day to help create mental clarity, energy and encourage good digestion and possible weight loss, while reducing pains and cravings.

2) Be nourished!

Are ALL SIX TASTES SATISFIED? Do you ever leave the table with a craving for something even though you may be full?

To create balance and reduce cravings, the body requires it's building blocks to have the six tastes at every meal.

Do you know what they are?

Sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and astringent.

An easy way to have these at every meal - without having to be a French gourmet chef - is to buy spice mixes that have all six tastes in them; they are called "churnas". There are three different "flavors" that represent different body types, and what works best for the different seasons. But it really doesn't matter. Simply order one of each, and use them as you wish. They can be sprinkled on the food – like on popcorn, salads, or put into the food as it's being cooked. Each have kind of a curry taste – because the main ingredient is Tumeric, which is one of the highest antioxidants, and helps with inflammation and most health issues.

Check back soon for a link to order these "churna" spice mixes.

3) How to have sustained vitality and happiness: IDEAL DIGESTION at mealtimes

Grate fresh ginger root into hot water and sip with your meals.

How to eat:
Eat sitting down – not standing up. And not while doing other tasks, such as computer work. Also chew your food well – your stomach does not have teeth! The end product of good digestion is feeling happy, light, energized, clear.

4) What to eat and when:

Eat your heavier foods at your noon meal. Why? Because we are connected to Nature. When the sun is highest in the sky, our digestive power is also the greatest. As the sun starts to set, correspondingly our digestive power also starts to "go down”. We have less secretion of digestive “juices”. So, the rule of thumb: the later your dinner, the lighter the foods should be. So the heavier denser foods such as meats, pizza, desserts, etc are best eaten at lunch. Otherwise, if eaten in the evening, they will create "ama".

Also, raw veggies – including salads – are best not eaten at night. Why? Raw foods need more digestive power to "heat" them (breakdown) in your stomach as they are not cooked, And digestion is low at night...otherwise the result is bloating, constipation, gas, insomnia.

And no ice water or cold drinks especially with meals. It's like pouring ice water on a fire - it dampens your digestive juices. Sip hot lemon or fresh grated ginger water, or plain water with your meals. It greatly improves digestion. The result? You feel clear, light, happy, energetic, healthy.

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